Saturday, August 20, 2011


We are so happy to be home. It has been a very busy 3 weeks. We have already made one trip back to Houston to see doctors. Nicholas had great check-ups. He continues to heal. We have 2 back to back trips in the next two weeks. One to have his hardware taken out of his leg. I am sure that will make things easier in getting around. No more hitting his other leg on his hardware, which makes me (mom) cringe but does not seem to bother him.

We started school on the 17th. It has been an adjustment getting Nicholas from class to class but we are getting a system down. Nicholas is so happy to be back with his friends and teachers.

Nicholas received a  huge surprise this week from Roger DeGregori of The Fish Gallery. Roger sent out a 125 gallon beautifully decorated fish tank. It was very hard for me to keep the secret all day. When he discovered it in his room he was speechless. It has been along time since I have seen that big smile on his face, and I have never seen him speechless. We thank Roger for his generous gift.

Yesterday we found out that Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton, will be in Grapevine. We happened to be at the grocery store when an employee asked Nicholas what happened to his foot. A lady next to me overheard and told me that Bethany was going to be visiting her church this weekend. I know that God has been with us through this journey we have been on. I was planning on going to another store that was across town and Nicholas wanted to just go home. We went to the store that was on the way home instead. I am so thankful that God put us in that exact spot. The kids and I are all excited to see Bethany and hear her story. We hope we can meet her in person.

Lunch time at school.

Awesome!!! fish tank from The Fish Gallery

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