Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Were getting out of the hospital today!

Nicholas has continued to improve. He got up for the first time yesterday afternoon since his surgery on friday, this is a great accomplishment and gives him more freedom. So far, he has been managing his pain with 3 pills a day, today we will go down to 2. He had a "play date" with one his neighbors, Prince, yesterday. The wonderful staff here with child life took Nicholas and Prince, beds and all, up to a playroom were they played wii on a big screen! That lifted both boys spirits. Also they had a special visitor from NASA, Mark, who gave them allot of goodies from the present and past shuttle missions. His uncle Mike has been here with us for a couple of days, and he brought Nicholas a Nerf dart gun. His mother and I have  had to take it away from them several times! 
Thanks again for all your prayers and support,

Cecil and Alisha Vossler


  1. When will Nicholas be back in Fort Worth? Do you think he'd be up for another television interview when he gets back? I'm a reporter for Ch. 33 - Doug Magditch. Send me an email any time -

  2. Nicholas: We are relieved to know that you are on the road to recovery! It’s so rare to encounter a shark, but now you’ll always have an amazing story to tell others! Those who work here at United Pet Group are fish enthusiasts just like you. We enjoy coming to work each day and hope to be able to work with your future aquarium store! In the meantime, we would love to send along a care package for your own fish. Or, if you don’t have an aquarium, perhaps we can set you up with one of your own? Let us know! We’re looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog.

    - Kiley McMichael from United Pet Group

    (I'll be on vacation the next few days, so feel free to email Jennifer Brough,, anytime.)