Saturday, July 30, 2011

We get to go home!

Nicholas had his appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday and he said we can travel, which means we can go back to Ft. Worth! Nicholas continues to improve every day, the surgeon actually said that he was 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and we can add 1 minute a day (up to 15) to the time he can put his foot down every hour.  Houston has been great to us as our "temporary" home, everywhere we go people are so kind and gracious. The owner of The Fish Gallery, and his beautiful family, took time out of their busy schedules to take  Nicholas and our family to their Houston location. Nicholas had a really good time touring the facility and talking to Roger about tropical fish, and just swapping fish tales! After the tour,  we were treated to supper @ Cheddars, were Roger's business built and maintains the huge aquariums that are in every restaurant throughout the country! OH, the food was good too! Thanks Roger, Staci, Abby, and Jack for fabulous evening.

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