Friday, July 15, 2011

The Big Surgery!

Nicholas is in the pediatric intensive care unit now recovering from his latest surgery. The surgery went as planned, they started at 12:20 and finished at 5:06. Plastic surgeons placed a "Flap", replaced a nerve and covered it all with a skin graft. This flap is muscle along with the arteries and veins, that was  " harvested" from his left arm and surgically placed over his missing tissue in his foot, and hooked up to his arteries and veins there-they are monitoring it by listening to the blood flow with a small sonar hourly to make sure it is still alive. The nerve was also taken from his arm to replace the one that was missing in his foot, it will grow and hopefully give him feeling back to the bottom of his foot and big toe. Finally, the skin for the graft came from Nicholas's thigh, this is the most painful because its like having a severe road rash.
He will be in PICU for 72 hours, then go back to the OR for one more procedure that will tell us if everything was successful. After that he will be replaced in a room and hopefully we will be headed home by this time next week!
  Thanks for your continued prayers and support,
Cecil & Alisha Vossler


  1. Diann and I have been keeping up with ya'll here. You're a very brave kid. I'm not sure I'd make it. It's interesting that until today, the Star Telegram was the only news media that mentioned that ya'll started praying when this all happened. Now they all are!! We're praying for you guys too! Hang in there Cecil and Alisha!

  2. Please know that the Jones family is praying for all of you, especially Nicholas. Thank you so very much for this blog, so we can stay updated on Nicholas' condition. We will continue to pray for you. If anything is needed, we are here for you.